Rules for Great Storytelling With Margot Leitman

Margot Leitman, writer, storyteller, teacher, and author of “Long Story Short: The Only Storytelling Guide You’ll Ever Need,” joins the Business of Story Podcast to discuss her latest book, successful storytelling tips, and discovering authentic stories within your own life.

In This Episode:

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Margot Leitman - InstagramSaying Yes to a Story-Worthy Life

In addition to authoring “Gawky: Tales of an Extra Long Awkward Phase,” Margot Leitman is a touring performer and teacher.

The New Jersey native is also an accomplished TV writer having worked for NBC, the Hallmark Channel, and PixL Network. Her original and hilarious story, “A Very Tiny Grownup”  won her the acclaimed Moth GrandSLAM.

Discovering Authentic Stories

Leitman, who began her career as an actress and comedian, fell into storytelling when stand-up comedy started to lose its luster. She began sneaking true stories into her live set in an attempt to discover a more authentic form of  storytelling.  

“I just wanted to tell true things and didn’t want to worry about jokes.”

Her search for authenticity has since spawned a successful business. Past students include NASA employees, executives, well-known actors, and more—all seeking to connect with clients and the public through authentic storytelling.

Throughout her career, Leitman has found that the most thrilling stories often come from opening oneself up to experiences and talking to people. You have to connect to that sense of curiosity you had as a child, and open yourself up to the experience of your own life.

By following tips such as finding the recurring narrative in one’s life, connecting to emotion, and the penultimate losing the fear of sharing your experience, Leitman reiterates that anyone can become a great storyteller.   

In This Episode:

  • How Leitman transformed a passion for stories into a successful business
  • What draws us to the cultural stories we love and why
  • How to get out in the world and create stories for yourself
  • Empowering business professionals to utilize storytelling in their work and workplace
  • Keying into emotion and universality when telling stories


Quotes From This Episode:

“If it’s not there, then create it.” @MargotLeitman

“Once we root for you—and it’s really something you can do in the first sentence or two of your story—we’ll be on board for the rest of the time that you talk. So it’s so essential you do it right at the top. Because if we’re not rooting for you, we’re not going to listen to what you have to say.” @MargotLeitman

“The people that think they have nothing are fascinating, and they don’t realize it. Because they’re just numb to their own experiences. Everybody has interesting stories to tell.” @MargotLeitman

“I often ask people to challenge themselves and think of a time where they really lost it emotionally, and tell everyone about it. And if you can laugh, then there’s humor.” @MargotLeitman


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