The Best Social Media from America’s Top Hospitals: 2018 Research

Attract New Patients and Increase Patient Loyalty with a Highly Effective Social Media Strategy

For this ebook, the team at Convince & Convert investigated what successful social media looks like for the 50 largest hospitals in the U.S. Get instant access now and learn:

  • The key ingredients of an unforgettable Twitter post
  • The most successful hospital Facebook accounts
  • How the largest hospitals weave Instagram into their social media mix
  • The most successful hospital social media teams, based on engagement
  • Key takeaways for other regulated industries 

The best social media marketing blends storytelling and PR. It seamlessly integrates advertising and relationship building, fighting its way through the social noise while never losing sight of the human stories driving brand successes.

Hospitals with top-notch social media aren’t just using their channels as marketing machines—they’re creating healthier communities.

With our partners at RivalIQ we collected the research and analyzed the results in this detailed report, The Best of Social Media from America’s Top Hospitals.

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