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Three Innovative Uses of Instagram For Company Announcements and Product Launches


This week, The Office’s B.J. Novak generated headlines and attention for his new book, One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories, by announcing it on Instagram. While the effort may seem non-traditional to some, Instagram’s more than 150 million monthly active users and visual storytelling capabilities make it an effective social media channel to leverage […]

Social Media Case Studies, Social Image of the Week

Target Dabbles in Curated eCommerce with “Awesome Shop”


‘Tis the season for shopping and gift giving. Just in time for the peak holiday shopping rush, Target is introducing a smarter, real-time shopping experience with its new “Awesome Shop.” Currently in beta launch, the site curates Target’s most popular and trending offerings from its website and Pinterest data into a visually stunning eCommerce experience. […]

Social Media Case Studies, Social Image of the Week

Coca-Cola’s New Corporate Website Aims to Refresh the World Through Storytelling


According to Coca-Cola, the corporate website is dead. Inspired by the power of storytelling has to cultivate engagement, the company has re-launched their corporate website, “Coca-Cola Journey,” as a highly visual, sharable digital magazine. Featuring content themed around pop culture, social media, brand history, marketing campaigns, recipes, career advice, and more the website is a […]

Social Media Case Studies, Social Image of the Week

Real-Life Instagram Project Filters In Unique View of London

Real Life Instagram 4

Just when you thought snapping and sharing photos on Instagram couldn’t get any more addictive, a creative new project out of London is making waves for bringing the platform’s beloved attributes into the read world. Called “Real-Life Instagram,” artist Bruno Ribeiro has placed cardboard cutouts resembling Instagram’s photo frame complete with filters alongside some of […]

Social Media Case Studies, Social Image of the Week

Three Frightfully Fun Examples of Brand Generated Halloween Social Media Content

Adorable Pets

Happy Halloween! In celebration of this spooktactular holiday, we’re skipping the tricks and going right to the treats. From Facebook, to Twitter, Vine, and YouTube, check out these three clever content and promotion examples Petco, Tide and Crest have been scaring up leading into Halloween today. Leave a comment below with your favorite, or share […]