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Calculate Your Blogging ROI in 9 Steps

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Blogging isn’t free. Creating and sustaining a good blog for yourself or your company is a highly labor-intensive proposition. The people (maybe you) working on the blog could be doing something else that helps the company make money, save money, or both. Thus, blogging presents a serious opportunity cost to the company. Smart organizations methodically […]

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A Social Media Scoreboard That Works

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Clearly, there’s no shortage of data and possible social media success metrics. Advanced social media analytics and ROI calculations often require tying together disparate systems, and looking for causation (or at least correlation) between social media success and business outcome. At the most granular, day-to-day level, this necessitates visiting your various outposts and your social […]

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How to Match 10 Key Success Metrics to Your Blogging Strategy

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If you’re blogging for business, rather than blogging about your cat, baby, fashion addiction, or crush on Taylor Swift, you need to set some success metrics. Without a statistical measure of your blogging progress, adding content to your blog on a regular basis can be an incredibly lonely proposition. Is anyone out there? Does anyone […]

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Does Your Corporate Blog Measure Up

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There’s a fair amount of agreement on principles on an effective blog, and even widespread head nodding regarding what success metrics are important. However, there’s very little available with regard to blog metrics benchmarking, and how your blog compares to others. I’m hoping to change that. And you can help by taking this short survey. […]

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Should Facebook Dominate Your Social Media Strategy?


Join me and 21 other speakers for Facebook Success Summit 2010, a Webinar series with everything you need to know about Facebook for business. Sessions start October 5. Go to to save 50% for a limited time. Chris Brogan, Darren Rowse, and Kyle Lacy popularized the idea that companies in social media need a […]