How Caesars Uses Social to Surround its Customers

How Caesars Uses Social to Surround its Customers

Ryan Thompson, former Senior VP of Global Hospitality Marketing at Caesars Entertainment Corporation and now CMO at Blue Heron, joins Social Pros to discuss social strategy in the hospitality industry and why you should keep tabs on what your customers are saying on review sites.

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Listen to your customers online!How Caesars Uses Social to Surround its Customers

The hospitality industry can use social media to strengthen relationships with existing customers, promote their hotels and attract new guests. However, many hotels haven’t grasped the concept of social as an effective marketing communication tool. And, while they’re busy catching up, companies like Caesars Entertainment use social to swarm its customers and boost their online presence.

Social is a window into your customers’ lives. So if you’re in the hospitality industry, you need to pay close attention to what your guests are saying about you online. 95% of travelers read online reviews before booking. Therefore, if you roam in the travel and hospitality space, you need a frontline social team to respond to reviews. And, this is true whether guests are singing your praises or not.

As our guest, Ryan Thompson, says, if you’re doing a good job of attracting the right people with your offering, your guests will help define the voice of your brand. However surprisingly, as Caesars Entertainment has proved, you don’t need an enormous team to surround your customers on social.

In This Episode:

  • 06:44 – How to structure a frontline social team and maintain a range of tonality across all social channels
  • 13:01 – Tips to help hospitality businesses improve reach and engagement
  • 16:30 – Why hospitality businesses need to pay close attention to review sites
  • 19:11 – How to work with social influencers and brand ambassadors
  • 24:03 – How email marketing can assist your social strategies
  • 29:16 – How to use geo-based marketing and long-term campaigns to attract customers
  • 33:34 – How to approach budgeting in a multifaceted organization

Quotes From This Episode:

“We’re able to take learnings from review sites and common threads and apply those to the actual operation of the business.” – @RemedyRyan

We’ve been able to talk to our customers through the lens of our influencers. Click To Tweet

“When you want to bring something to life on property, you have to work across operations, have a really great relationship with them and convince them that it’s also going to better their business.” – @RemedyRyan 



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