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The 12 Best Social Pros Podcast Episodes of All Time

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The 12 Best Social Pros Podcast Episodes of All Time

Every week, the Social Pros Podcast serves up insights from real professionals doing real work in social media. Host Jay Baer and his guests dig deep into the inside stories and behind-the-scenes social media secrets at companies like Ford, ESPN, and many more. As Social Pros approaches its second birthday, we revisited some of Social Pros’ best conversations to bring you this list of the 12 most popular episodes since 2015—the best of the best.

How Buffer Does Social Media and Why Less Is More12. How Buffer Does Social Media and Why Less Is More

Brian Peters, Digital Marketing Strategist for Buffer, reveals what Buffer’s arsenal of tools and data have taught him about the surprisingly promising future of organic content. This episode serves up fascinating insights into how transparency leads to content gold and why increasing engagement means posting less on social.

11. Which People Skills Are Most Important in Social Media?

Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Local, teaches us how proper listening can make you a better person, partner, and social pro. As Kerpen explains, even the most well thought-out and perfectly executed social plan can fall flat if it loses sight of the essential humanity of its audience. Listen in to learn the crucial difference between “being interested” and “being interesting,” plus two simple questions that lead to deeper relationships.

10. When and How Does Snapchat Work for Business?

Carlos Gil, Head of Global Social Media Marketing for BMC Software, defends Snapchat as a social tool for B2B and B2C businesses. Carlos knows a thing or two about raising brand awareness and driving global demand through social media, and his perspective on Snapchat is not to be missed.

9. How to Use Social Media to Delight Customers Across 11 Brands

With a global portfolio of eleven brands that encompasses 638 properties in 52 countries, social and customer engagement can be both tricky and overwhelming for Hyatt. Luckily, they’ve got Dan Moriarty, Director of Digital Strategy and Activation. In this episode, he shares his approach to managing a global brand’s social across different platforms, experimenting with new channels, and breeding internal advocacy through employee empowerment.

The 12 Best Social Pros Podcast Episodes of All Time8. Why Social Media Customer Service Is the New Marketing

80 percent of businesses think they are delivering great customer service, but only eight percent of those customers agree. In this episode, our own Jay Baer digs into this staggering statistic, with help from research featured in Hug Your Haters. You don’t want to miss this one.

7. How to Sell on Social When You’re Not Trying to Sell

Richard Margetic, Former Director of Global Business at Intuit, discusses social media’s role at different stages of the sales funnel and throughout every department of an organization. Listen in for insights on transparency, teachable moments from Google’s failures in social media, dealing with negative reviews, and humanity’s need to be social.

6. How to Use Influencers to Amplify Social Media

Influencers are causing a marketing paradigm shift, and Heidi Sullivan and Todd Cameron can prove it. Heidi, Senior VP at Cision, and Todd, Head of Content and Strategy at TapInfluence, tease their Influence Pros Podcast and share their ever-evolving 50,000-foot view on influencer marketing.

The New Rules of Social Marketing and PR5. Be More Productive in Social Than You Ever Thought Possible

David Horsager, business strategist and best-selling author of The Trust Edge, provides concrete steps to increase productivity and deepen relationships while maintaining peak creativity. His go-to tips for decluttering your professional life will help you get back to focusing on what you love about your job: creating and expanding relationships through creative social engagement.

4. The New Rules of Social Marketing and PR

David Meerman Scott, Marketing and Sales Strategist for Freshspot Marketing, chats with Jay about the latest edition of his bestselling book, The New Rules of Social Marketing and PR, newsjacking, and the unification of sales and PR/marketing. You’ll hear this internationally acclaimed strategist’s take on everything from collaborative networking to the dangers of overzealous influencer marketing.

 How to Use Content to Build Your Online Influence3. How to Use Content to Build Your Online Influence

John Hall, author and CEO of Influence & Co., pulls back the curtain on creating ambassadors and influencing people through content and social. In this episode, you’ll hear John’s expert advice on scaling influence, gaining trust, staying top-of-mind, and when to prioritize vulnerability over profits.

2. Podcasts and Facebook Are the New Community Levers

Coming in at number two is this must-listen episode with Jason Keath, Founder and CEO of Social Fresh. Jason dives deep into the low-tech ways social media experts are finding success, share his insights on the untapped potential of social media ads, and reveals why Facebook groups and podcasts are leading the charge in building tight-knit online communities.

Gary Vaynerchuk and the Currency of Attention1. Gary Vaynerchuk and the Currency of Attention

The most popular Social Pros episode of all time stars none other than Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia and legendary business-builder. In this episode, Gary talks to Jay about his approach to social media “land-grabbing,” his long game, building your brand in spaces you don’t own or control, and why you can never have too much attention.

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