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The Wisdom of Social Media X-Rays


Are you actually helping your company via social media? Much of contemporary social media effort and brand reputation management is focused on uncovering the positive. Number of friends. Number of followers. Blog posts. Blog comments. Share of voice. Net promoter score. Brands (and their agencies) are creating reports and smiling when those reports show how […]

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Free Social Media Webinar and New Blog


Notice something different? Greetings. Happy President’s Day.  Although not rivaling the birthdays (observed) of some of America’s great leaders, it’s a big day here at Convince & Convert mobile global headquarters (which today brings me to Las Vegas for my son’s hockey tournament).  New Convince & Convert Blog Launches Today marks the official launch of […]

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Cross-Pollinate Search and Email


Email marketing and search marketing have often been looked at as being at opposite ends of the digital marketing spectrum. Email used as a loyalty and retention tool, with search used as an acquisition tactic. But that thinking prevents the results from those marketing efforts informing and improving one another, and the opportunities in that […]

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Social Media Adds Viral Frosting to the Email Cake


Are you enabling your email subscribers to spread your message via social media? Call it Forward to a Friend 2.0. Call it the inevitable marriage of two sides of the customer relationship coin. Call it the next big thing in email marketing. The hand-wringing in the email community about the impact of social media is […]

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Linkedin – 22 Ways to Dominate


Linkedin is in a resurgence. Since adding applications and mimicking some other Facebook-style functionality, the Grandaddy of social networks is becoming more relevant. Its important to recognize that Linkedin has different demographics than Facebook, Myspace and other social networks. Linkedin is older (68% are 35+), wealthier (66% make $60/year+), and better educated (72% are college […]

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David Alston – The Twitter 20 Interview about Social Media Listening


David Alston is a singer. A photographer. The former host of an improv comedy show. He’s also a vastly experienced technology marketer – currently the Vice President of Marketing for the conversation monitoring software company Radian6. He’s also Canadian, so is helpful and kind as a default setting.  I first met David at the excellent […]